Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014

Photo Tribute To Vongfong: Tokyo After The Typhoon

This is how we like typhoons in Tokyo: You go to sleep and the storm blows over. And in the morning, the after-typhoon-sorry-to-have-caused-you-inconvenience-sun greets us Tokyoites. 

When I left home at 5:20: no rain, no wind, but still dark clouds. 

But the closer I moved to Haneda, the bluer the sky got. 

The sky is just amazing. Here with the Tokyo Tower. 

Reflections ...

... and blue sky. 

Bye bye, Vongfong: Up in the north you can still see the wet and gray train of the typhoon storming off, ...

Leaving behind the skyline of Tokyo in all its beauty (as seen from Haneda International Terminal).

Even my plane for Seoul leaves, unfortunately not on time, but with two hours delay. 

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