Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2014

Ceatec 2014 - The Photo story, part 1

As disappoint I am appoint the Ceatec itself, as exited I was to see that the Japanese companies are showing new signs of life. Here some of my favorite exhibits:

Forget Google Glass: Head-mounted displays

With Google Glass it is the same as with Apple Pay. It's very old news for us. We have had both in Japan already for years - as products and not just as concepts.

Seiko Epson showed the current version of its Moverio. Maybe not as fashionable as the Google Glass, but more functionable. To watch movies more clearly, you can put dark glasses on it, too. And that in 3D. 

Toshiba showed own glasses. It projects the image on the glass which makes it much smaller and lighter than Seiko Epson's product.

But none convinces me. After having tested several solutions over the past few years I don't see these glasses to be a mass product. They don't make sense in daily life, but they do for a limited number of occasions and professions. Fujitsu's systems use an AR overlay to show me where in the engine to put in the screw.


My personal highlight: The Sharp booth and new displays

Globally it became quite about Sharp, the pioneer of the flat panel TV industry. But at the Ceatec Sharp showed that the company is still a power house in the display industry. Of course 4K TVs were displayed, but also Sharp's not really new but astonishing 8K 85-inch monitor. Tack sharp even if seen from smartphone distance.

But the real highlight was much smaller: a coming 7-inch tablet with its new MEMS IGZO display technology, developed by Sharp and Pixtronix, a Qualcomm subsidiary. By replacing LCD’s liquid crystals with highly efficient MEMS shutters, the display not only offers better color reproduction, and battery life, but also a readable display even in bright sunlight. 2015 the partners want to launch the tablet. 

And then, there was the LCD with a more free form factor. Sharps technology allows for partly round LCDs. It is a nice part for cars as Sharp demonstrated. 

To be continued ...

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