Montag, 29. September 2014

Green stuff that you can't eat

If you think, all green stuff that lands on your plate is edible, Japan makes you think twice. Here, chefs like to put tree leaves and needles on the plate, too. Of course, they don't want to harm, but to please you. Here in Japan they know that the eyes are as important for the enjoyment of a meal as are the mouth and the tongue. And a seasonal touch nature adds some visual spice to an already outstanding experience. You can actually buy the leafy decoration for home use in the supermarket as shown on the picture.

The good thing about this decoration is: Even if you eat it by mistake, not much happens. It's pure nature. But be warned! If you buy sushi in the supermarket or eben the sushi bar, you will get a kind of green bamboo-leaf - but it's fake. It's made of plastic.

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