Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2009

Die erste Mail vom neuen Premier

Japans neuer Ministerpräsident Yukio Hatoyama hat sich heute das erste mal in der wöchentlichen Mail seines Amtes an sein Volk gewendet. 
Er beschwört darin seine Idee des "Yu ai", der Kameradschaft.
Hier die englische Version des Newsletters.

Hatoyama Cabinet E-mail Magazine Inaugural Preparatory Issue
(October 1, 2009)

Yukio Hatoyama's "Yu-Ai"
-- Message from the Prime Minister (Provisional Translation)

Note: "Yu-ai" is a term in Japanese that means fraternity. Phonetically, it corresponds to the English term "you and I."
The dual meaning of the term is intentional and the Hatoyama Cabinet E-mail Magazine has been named with this in mind.

"To make history"

Good day everyone. I am Yukio Hatoyama. Thank you very much for subscribing to the Hatoyama Cabinet E-mail Magazine.

With your support, we have recently realized a change of government, and on September 16, we formed a three-party coalition government. This is an expression not of our strength, but of the desire of the Japanese people, who seek to change conventional politics.

Is it not true that the people have developed a sense of dissatisfaction over the ineffectiveness of politics? The people feel that politics thus far have failed to address various issues that Japan faces, including concerns about the future and growing disparities.

We will fundamentally change the politics of Japan in order to restore it to the possession of the people. We will realize a government led by politicians who connect with the minds of the people and who will directly reflect the people's voices in the administration of the national government. That is, we will create a government that is led by the people of this country.

At the root of this is the spirit of "yu-ai," or fraternity. Our goal is to achieve a society in which we as individuals who aim to stand entirely on our own two feet can overcome our differences, respect others, and provide mutual support to each other.

Nothing will change if one is bound by precedents and focuses solely on foreseeable difficulties. I will create a government which pushes forward, even if but a step at a time, in order to realize that which should be realized -- an ideal.

Soon after assuming office, I visited the United States and spoke at the United Nations Summit on Climate Change and the United Nations Security Council Summit. I also delivered an address at the 64th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations and attended the Pittsburgh G-20 Summit. I engaged in fruitful discussions with leaders of nations, including US President Barack Obama, and with them, built relationships of mutual trust. Each of these experiences was new to me, but I am confident that I have made the first steps in diplomacy for the "new Japan" that I aspire to realize.

Today, I will head to Copenhagen to promote Tokyo's bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics and Summer  Paralympics at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session. I will give it my best.

Last but not least, it is our sincere desire to change politics and make history together with the people. To make this possible, I wish for each of you to offer your views to the government and thus participate in the administration. Opinions directed at this e-mail magazine will be much appreciated as well.

I should think it can be said that the degree to which the thoughts of the public can be solidly encapsulated into public policy depends upon the participation we have from the general public. I call on you for your understanding and active participation in his regard.

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